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Spreading Confidence and Success Through Communication
  • About Professor Peaches

    Professor Peaches is the leading organization that helps primary school-aged children develop and cultivate their communication skills. Our proprietary tutoring program targets essential speaking abilities, verbal and non-verbal, that are currently underdeveloped within school curricula yet are indispensable for lifelong personal well-being and success.

    Building children’s confidence and competencies, with an emphasis on mastery of the material, sit at the heart of the program. The ultimate goal is to help children enhance their personal growth and reach their full potential in life through learning to communicate effectively. Professor Peaches puts children on a path of lifelong success and confidence – a journey that all children deserve to have!

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  • Professor Peaches Approach

    Our teaching approach contains two elements:

    All children at Professor Peaches attend weekly classes. Each week has multiple time slots available for classes. Classes are organized by grade level. All classes are run by Professor Peaches instructors. Parents are invited to attend “open classes” where they are able to share in the learning process.

    At the end of each weekly class instructors provide children with their in-between classes homework activities. The activities are based on those performed in class and are designed to provide children with additional practice opportunities. Children earn tokens for completing homework assignments which are exchanged for Professor Peaches Rewards.

  • Professor Peaches Method

    The learning model at Professor Peaches centers around three core principles:

    We cannot know what we do not know! The first step is to introduce and teach children individual components. We help guide children to discover all the individual components that make up communication and how they work together.

    They say practice makes perfect. Practice helps cement in place instruction. Professor Peaches is structured to provide weekly class time where children practice each and every individual component that is covered. The practice doesn’t stop in the classroom. Children are assigned in-between class assignments to maximize mastery.

    Feedback is critical in the learning process. Children receive ongoing feedback to ensure they are growing and truly instilling the skills learned in class. The program incorporates numerous feedback delivery methods to provide children with the most valuable information possible.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my child the right age for Professor Peaches?

    The Professor Peaches program was specifically designed to help all elementary school-aged children. The program caters to children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Classes are organized by grade level to provide a positive learning environment.

    Is Professor Peaches an enrichment program?

    Professor Peaches is designed to provide children with sound communication skills. Children develop skills that will help them in the classroom but that transcend the school environment. Our goal is for children to have the communication skills necessary to succeed and excel in life.

    How long until my child becomes a confident communicator?

    Children begin their Professor Peaches journey with an initial assessment that identifies their pre-entry ability. Every child has a unique learning path. The program is designed to support each and every child in their development. Parents are provided with regular feedback on their child’s progress, and are encouraged to play an active role in their child’s learning and development.

    How do I know if this is working for my child?

    Our program is designed to provide children with sound communication skills built on a strong foundation. Children are monitored through their journey in the program, and progress is communicated to parents. We also feature what we call “open classes”, where parents are invited to participate as audience members and share in the Professor Peaches journey.

    My child is shy. Is this too much for my child?

    Professor Peaches is not boot camp. It is a safe and encouraging environment where children are supported to achieve personal success. The program provides children with the opportunity to develop skills that will increase their sense of empowerment and confidence.

    How can I get more information?

    For additional information call 1-800-231-8270 or please send us an email at We love hearing from you and have a commitment to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

  • Professor Peaches' Support

    At Professor Peaches we strongly believe that enhancing children’s communication skills will have immensely valuable immediate and life long benefits. We aim to help develop solid communication abilities for as many children as possible. In order to facilitate this intention, we have cost-free tuition for children who qualify. Our goal is to spread strong communication skills everywhere!

    Professor Peaches Instructors

    Classes are led by trained instructors.  All instructors are carefully selected to ensure your child receives the highest level of learning. Instructor to class size ratios are set to guarantee an effective learning environment and simultaneously allow for personal attention.  The maximum group size in classes is 10 children per instructor.

    Our Mini-History

    Professor Peaches was conceived from a coming together of realities – communication skills are extremely valued, and much is done to try and improve how adults communicate. A much better approach would be to teach children these core skills early on in life.

    Communication and interpersonal abilities are a crucial life skill. However, communication is not an area of focus within the traditional schooling model. The Professor Peaches program has been meticulously designed to help your child develop lifelong skills that lead to personal and professional happiness and success.